ECOWAS Private Sector Tourism Confederation

Tourism is a major focus of a country’s socio-economic development, in this sense ECOPSETC, intends to awaken the private sector, to a competition at a national and international level.


Meet the team members



The ECOWAS Private Sector Tourism Confederation, hereinafter referred to as ECOPSETC, is a lay organization that brings together the private tourism industry federations of the ECOWAS member states.


ECOPSETC-ECOWAS was created in 2021


Mamadou Racine Sy, from Senegal

ECOPSETC was created out of the need to create a single interlocutor for tourism communication with ECOWAS, its partners and its States. For this reason it has as its main objective, to be a unifying medium for the promotion of tourism development within the ECOWAS region.

ECOPSETC is aware that it is necessary to stimulate and accelerate the development of tourism and hospitality in our community and in that sense has as a goal

  • Improve the quality of services and have a better visibility;
  • Promote a harmonious development of the tourism and hotel industry;
  • Promote cooperation between professionals from the private sector and the States;

The Chairman

The elected chairman of ECOPSETC-ECOWAS is Mamadou Racine Sy.

He is currently also:

  • Mayor of Podor, Senegal
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bolloré Africa Logistics Group
  • Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of King Fahd Palace
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Institution de prévoyance retraite du Sénégal (Ipres).


Strategic plan


Promotion of tourism within ECOWAS in collaboration with national ministries and structures responsible for tourism development

New Projects

Initiate tourism projects on a regional scale, involving all local tourism operators


Encourage and promote business cooperation relations between tourism stakeholders in the ECOWAS region


Ensure the link between private tourism operators and public bodies for the development of the tourism industry in the ECOWAS region


To be an organism for the implementation of tourism development policies and action plans in the ECOWAS region


Meet the team

Nancy Peggy Quartey

Vice-president for Anglophone countries

Adnan Yahya

Executive General Secretary

Jorge Daniel Spencer Lima

President of the Development and Partnership Committee
Cape Verde

Salif Leonce Diarra

President of the Tourism Promotion Commission
Burkina Faso

John Shollop

President of the Commission in charge of tourism investment
Sierra Leone

Francine Chantal Aissi Epse Houangni

President of the Commission in charge of Logistics and Infrastructures

Jorge Paulo Cabral

Vice-president for Lusophone countries

Moustapha Kane

Secretário Geral Executivo Adjunto

EIh Ibrahima Kobele Keita

President of the Committee on Finance and Taxes

Kebba Macoumba Njel

President of the commission in charge of vocational training

Nkereuwem Onung

President of the Commission in charge of legal affairs and relations with institutions

Diby Cleophas Lolo

Vice-President of French-speaking countries
Côte d’Ivoire

Ramatou Amaro Diallo

General Treasurer

Fatimata Kouyate Cisse

President of the Communication and Marketing Committee

Karoube Komi Pabali

President of the Commission in charge of the Tourism Committee

May Bright Urey

President of the Commission in charge of Sub-regional Social Integration